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Ruby Love

17 Jun 2018
Went fishing one summer day. In a pond not far away. Walked this path many times before. This time l came in contact with a board with rusted nails. I stepped on it somehow 2 nails entered my foot. Fall…

Rafael Stone

13 Jun 2018
God answered my prayers to save my home from foreclosure and auction. I was granted a home modification loan approval. God gave me a second chance. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!! I won't let him down. God is an awesome God!!!

Don Nelson

13 Jun 2018
Recently I have found myself wondering what is it all for... in these thoughts it has brought me back to see my Hope and God. I’m placing my faith and trust in your Lord and friends I’ve never met, please…

Albert Lane

18 May 2018
There have been soooo many times God has answered my prayer! I believe prayer is so powerful. I googled prayer testimonials just to build my faith when I pray for my family and friends! When I saw this site, I…